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Donkey Rocket

Helicopter Missile Launcher Game

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Donkeys are usually such peaceful creatures. Everyone loves their placid nature, but the evil Doctor Badmule decided to use the innocence of Donkeys against the world in his quest for power. Knowing that no-one would believe that these animals would ever do any harm, he created a genetic strain which gave rise to a killer breed of donkeys. Looking like a normal donkey, these genetically modified donkeys were far more terrifying and dangerous. Not only did they act as arms carriers between Dr Badmule's various bases, but they were equipped with their very own personal weaponry. Controlled by the donkeys themselves using microcircuitry inserted into their brains by the evil doctor, these creatures are able to attack instantly at will using missile lauchers which they carry on their backs.

As a member of the Anti-Badmule taskforce, your intelligence gathering has learned of plans for the donkeys to unleash their weaponry on major cities of the world. Huge numbers of innocent human lives are at risk. It has come down to a case of mankind versus mutant donkey.

The donkeys are currently mobilizing in three areas: a grass valley, an island and a mountainous region. At the start of the game you can choose which of these areas you wish your operation to target. You also have a choice of a daytime mission or a night sortie, and can select the difficulty of your assignment too.

Flying in your helicopter, you are armed with air-to-ground missiles. Use your mouse to direct your helicopter and to aim your missiles. Pressing your left mouse button will drop a missile to the ground. Every now and then a brave human will step out into the fray. He is a friendly accomplice and will send extra technology up to the sky in an invisible balloon. Catch the technology in your helicopter and you will have enhancements automatically added to improve the firepower of your missiles.

As you defeat the donkeys, they'll learn that they need to become faster and smarter, represented by an increae in the game's level number. If you fail to hit any donkey at all within 3 attempts, the creatures will get overconfident and you will drop down by a level. If they hit your helicopter, they'll become even more complacent and your will go down by 5 levels.

You have a total fleet of 10 helicopters at your disposal. Use them well and stop Dr Badmule and his donkey army from taking over the world!

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