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Donkey Kong

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Pauline, the beautiful Damsel in Distress, has been captured by Donkey Kong who holds her captive high up in a towering construction site. From the bottom of the site, Mario looks up, partly fearing the huge gorilla on the platform above, but with a far more strong feeling of compassion for the beautiful Pauline, who Mario has sworn his love to just a few short days ago. That was before Donkey Kong escaped. Unfortunately for Mario, Kong seems to have developed a bit of a soft spot for Pauline too. Mario knows that the gorilla probably won't hurt Pauline intentionally, but with a creature of such a huge size, you never know what could happen by acident. And anyway, Mario isn't going to let a big monkey get his girl. Nothing against gorillas but Donkey Kong needs to find a female of his own species to fall in love with!

Help Mario in his quest to save the terrified Pauline from the overpowering strength of Donkey Kong. Your keyboard's arrow keys will send Mario in the right direction , left or right, and up or down the ladders. Jump over any aproaching barrels using your keyboard's space key, otherwise poor Mario will end up squished!

Why is Donkey Kong so named?

Have you ever wondered why this classic game is called Donkey Kong? After all, there are no donkeys in the game, and Kong certainly doesn't have big ears and go "eee-aaw"! Well, the story goes that when the game's original creator, Shigeru Miyamoto, was choosing a name, he thought that the word donkey meant stupid. It was his belief that in a play on words the name Donkey Kong would convey the meaning of "stupid ape" to English-speaking gameplayers. Another interesting fact is that Mario didn't even have a proper name in the original classic arcade game - he was simply known as Jumpman.

How high can you climb in your quest to save Pauline?

Sorry, this game has been removed due to copyright/trademark concerns.

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