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Online Car Driving Game

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Win money in our prize draw just by visiting Springfrog


Just a few days ago, Lady Luck came around, gave you a cuddle and then waved her sparkly wand and went off on her way. Such a strange visitation left your mind racing, wondering what that was all about. A few minutes later, whilst watching the big lottery draw on television, you realized the reason - each and every one of your numbers was picked in the lottery. You were the big winner!

It has taken a few days for you to get over the shock, not to mention all of the verification process that you've had to go through. You've put the big cheque in the bank, and today you've decided to jump in your car, drive down the highway and withdraw the money. Recent times of bank crises have scared you too much to leave your winnings there. Instead, you've a twofold plan - firstly, and most importantly, enjoy the money a bit with some delicious banana splits and chocolate sundaes from the local ice cream parlour. Secondly, if there's any left after all those tasty treats, the plan is to invest in the gold, silver and diamond markets.

All is good, and you're looking forward to complete indulgence, but as you're driving away from the bank along the motorway, disaster strikes. Your bagfull of money topples over and the cash falls out of the window of your car. Lady Luck must have been taking a nap at the time! There's no choice - the only thing you can do to regain your winnings is to turn the car around and drive back down the motorway in the opposite direction to the oncoming traffic to swipe your cash back from the highway.

In this fun car driving game, use your left arrow and righ arrow keys to steer your car and avoid a crash with the approaching vehicles. Your up arrow key is the accelerator to speed up your car, whereas the down arrow key is your brake to slow you down. Driving over the money will allow you to pick it up from the highway, but watch out for the oil slicks - they'll mess up your ability to steer, causing you greater risk of crashing into the other cars, trucks and motorcycles. Every now and then you'll see a red coloured T for Turbo capsule lying in the road. Driving over this will enable it to automatically flip up and attach itself to your car's engine, giving it the power of super turbo speed for a limited time.

Good luck in reclaiming your money from the busy roadway. Dodge those vehicles and just think of those ice creams!

Please bookmark this great Crazy Cars Online Car Driving Game, and come back to reclaim your money from the highway at any time.