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Starship Springfrog Online Space Shooter Game


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The year is 2478, and mankind has peacefullly colonised uninhabited planets across the vast depths of space. Three hours into a routine space flight between worlds, the Starship Springfrog is confronted by a fleet of alien spaceships heading straight for one of the colonies.

Although Starship Springfrog transmits universal peace messages, the alien spacecraft begin shooting without warning. The aliens make it clear that they intend to wipe out the colony on the world that Starship Springfrog has just left, and claim the planet in an all-out war.

Any allied spacecraft are at least two hours away, so for now it's just you against the entire fleet of enemy invaders. You've no knowledge of the range of their weaponry so it's vital for the safety of the colony that you stand your ground and don't let the invaders advance any further, otherwise there's the risk that they could, even from this distance, fire off some long-range doomsday device to kill everyone on the planet.

This great space shooter game brings the fun of old arcade shoot em up action to your computer browser.

Use your keyboard's A, S, D and W keys to manouvre Starship Springfrog left, down right and up respectively. Altenatively you can use the up, dowm, left and right arrows on your keyboard. To fire, use your space key or the X key, both of which which can produce repeated fire by keeping them held down.

As you defeat enemy spacecraft and their torpedoes, some of their power units may survive destruction. Navigate Starship Springfrog to intercept these to increase your starship's abilities. Power units include:

Blast bombs instantly detonate all enemy torpedoes in this vicinity of space, harmlessly clearing them away.

Energy units replenish your starship's power, vital as you get been damaged during battle.

Extra score units. Your starship's computer transmits a score for the number of invaders thwarted and power units intercepted to the High Admiral of the Spacefleet. Intercept these extra score units to increase your score and impress the High Admiral.

Weaponry upgrade units. Starship Springfrog's weaponry is mainly meant for defence, but by collecting these upgrade units you can literally turn the invaders' weapons against them and enhance your starship's fighting ability.

Shield units provide your starship with complete defence against all of the invading fleet's weaponry. Take advantage of these to maximise your own attacks and collection of more power units whilst being invulnerable, but be sure to time things right, as the shield units only last for a limited period.

Whilst in the game, use F to enter toggle into and out of full screen view. You can also exit full screen with your keyboard's escape key or F11 as in standard PC usage.

You can pause the game at any stage using your P key. At the end of the game, to play again use your F5 key or click on your browser's refresh button.

Your long range sensors indicate that the invaders are coming in 13 separate waves of attack, each more deadly than the last. Can you fend off all 13 waves and protect the planet?

The colony depends on you!



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