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0h n0 Colored Dots Grid Logic Puzzle


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0h n0 grid logic puzzle
0h n0 Grid Logic Puzzle screenshot - click to play.
Give your brain a fun workout with this addictive grid logic puzzle, affectionately called 0h n0. The aim is to fill the grid, each position being occupied by either a blue or red dot.

At the start of the game you'll be presented with a few dots already positioned to get you going. The blue colored dots that you see at the beginning of the game contain a number. This is the total number of other blue dots that the numbered blue dot can see in all directions horizontally and vertically.

Blue dots can see other blue dots along the same row and the same column as themselves, but can only see until a red dot occurs. The red dots block their view any further in that direction along the row or column.

Also, blue dots need friends - they should always be able to see at least one other blue dot.

Use logic and the powers of your mind to work out which positions on the grid should contain a red dot and which should be occupied by a blue dot.

You can choose between 4 different sizes of this logic puzzle, from a 5x5 sized grid which is the easest to a 8x8 grid which is the hardest to beat.

Each time you play you'll get a new starting combination for a unique grid, giving you a different problem to test your mental powers every time.

Click a blank space on the grid once to add a blue dot, or twice to add a red dot. If you decide that you don't want to add any colored dot in that position at the moment, you can click a third time to remove the dot entirely. You can also go back any number of moves by clicking the undo button .

If you've got into a position where things aren't looking quite right, the eye of wisdom will oscillate up and down to let you know something's wrong. Clicking on the eye will display it's advice as to what's amiss. You can also get a tip for your next move at any time in the game by clicking the eye.

The clock icon will toggle on and off the display of the timer. When turning the timer on, the game will also give you a target time for you to try to complete the puzzle in.

The question mark will show you the game's credits and also allow you to view the rules.

Finally, if you want to quit the current puzzle and go back to the start, you can do this with the button.

Good luck and have fun with this great little brain teaser.

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