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0h h1 Online logic puzzle
0h h1 Online logic puzzle game screenshot
If you like logic problems, you'll love this fun online logic puzzle game of 0h h1. It is based on a puzzle known as Takuzu which is printed in French newspapers and uses 0s and 1s. Instead of the numbers, this great online version uses blue and red square tiles to fill up the grid instead for extra beautification. Keeping the tradition of 0s and 1s of the newspaper brain teasers, this version is called 0h h1, which can also be read as "Oh hi".

There are 3 basic rules of 0h h1:

  • There can be no more than two tiles of the same color next to each other in any row or column. Three tiles of the same color side by side or verticall is not allowed.
  • Every row and column must contain the same number of red boxes as it contains blue boxes.
  • Every row and column must be different - there can be no rows or columns that are identical.
At the beginning of the game a few tiles will already be placed in position to give you a start. Each time you play you'll get a different layout to test your mental powers.

To start playing, either click on the game picture on the top left of this page, or on the "Click here to play 0h h1" button lower down.

The best way to then get started is to choose the "How to Play" option. This will guide you through a 4x4 game step by step. Once you've solved the example game, you're on your own and can choose between a 4x4 grid, or 6x6, 8x8 or the hardest level of a 10x10 grid.

If you've chosen a particular sized grid but change your mind, or if you decide to give up part-way through, you can click the button at the bottom left of the game. This will take you back to the the selection screen where you can select from one of the four different sized grids again.

You can undo your latest moves using the button. At some stages in the game you may find there are two or more logical paths that you could follow. When this happens, try to remember, or even note down, the horizontal and vertical position of the square where you started to take one or other of the possible branches of gameplay. This way, if you find that your path of play was incorrect, you'll know how far to undo your moves in order to proceed on the other, alternative path.

The all-seeing eye has two functions. If there's a definite move available and you can't see it despite all the powers of your mind, you can click on the eye and it will give you a suggestion for your next move. The eye also functions as a warning. If you've made a move which is against the rules, the eye will bob up and down to indicate that you've gone wrong somewhere. If you click on the eye whilst it's bobbing up and down, it will highligh the incorrect tile and tell you the reason for your mistake.

If you ever forget the rules, clicking the question mark button will display them for you. Clicking again on the rules themselves will return you to the point in your game where you left.

Have fun, and remember to share your score on Twitter or Facebook to let your friends and followers know how well you do!


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