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The Stones of the Pharaoh
Ancient Egyptian Heiroglyphic Block Matching Game


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Take a journey back in time to Ancient Egypt in The Stone of the Pharaoh. In this fun game your aim is to clear an entire wall of stone blocks. Each block has an Egyptian hieroglyphic symbol enscribed upon it. The Egyptians, with their amazingly advanced technological abilities, designed the wall so that only stones which are adjacent to one or more other stones with the same hieroglyphic symbol can be removed. Click on a pair or group of adjacent tiles to remove them. As you clear the stones away, those above them will fall to fill the empty gaps. If you clear a whole vertical column, the stones to the left of the empty column will slide along until they meet the stones on the right hand side.

If you run out of adjacent matching blocks, yet still have some blocks left in the wall, your only option is to click and remove a single lone block. Unfortunately by doing this you'll invoke the curse of Tutankhamun, resulting in you losing a life. Try to plan ahead to avoid leaving single unconnected blocks, as you only have 9 lives which have been given to you by the Egyptian Gods, similar to one of Ancient Egypt's most revered animals, the cat.

If you clear a whole wall of blocks without losing all of your lives, you'll advance to the next level. Your challenge will get progressively more difficult as you advance through the levels, with more different symbols appearing on the blocks which make up the wall.

Good luck and have fun!


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