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Garden Cricket Game

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All was well in the garden for our cricket until high Summer came along and the skies were filled with invading butterflies. Now with the killer butterflies around, it's a tricky task for our tiny cricket to reach his food without our cricket himself being gobbled up by a hungry butterfly. It's lucky that his little legs can carry him quicky across the ground, but some areas of the garden are a bit more difficult for him to travel over, resulting in a slower crawl in particular parts like the flower beds.

In this fun game of Amiragame, your cricket's food will appear as a flashing dot surrounded by a halo of light. After clicking on the Play button with your mouse, use your keyboard's arrow keys to guide your brave little insect around. Whatever happens, don't let the buterflies catch him or your garden will have one less harmless cricket inhabiting it. Fortunately your cricket has a few friends, so if he gets caught by a butterfly, there are 4 more crickets in the garden to carry on the population. After they've gone though, that's it - no more cheerful chirruping of their legs in the summer evenings.

How much food can you successfully reach, how many levels can you progress through, and can you keep all of your crickets alive?

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