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Springfrog's Cash Prize Draw Results

2004 Lucky Winners


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December 2004 Cash Prize Draw
December brings two lucky months in a row for A.P. from Sevenoaks in Kent. A.P. who runs where you can browse and find many paying sites to earn money from - a great way to make up for all the Christmas expenses!

A.P. was introduced to Springfrog through KG, so K.G. wins 12, this being the December Direct Referrer's Bonus prize of 6, plus the unwon 6 brought forward from last month. KG offers complete and professional services for flash, banner and website design at AK Design

Our Second Draw, eliginble to to all members who haven't won anything here at Springfrog in the last 6 months, was won by SW from Louisville, Kentucky in the USA. Supergirl SW has her own site at where you can choose from a nice range of clothes, shoes and CDs to buy.

1st November 2004 Prize Winners
November's main draw winner of 30 was B. Grise from Dawson Creek, BC in Canada. This month the Direct Referrer's bonus was not won, so this will be carried over to the December 2004 draw.

The winner of the Second Draw in November, chosen at random and limited to members who have not had a win in the last 6 months was AP from Sevenoaks in Kent. AP's site features some great places to do your online shopping, at

Cash Draw of October 2004
The prize structure for October was the same as Springfrog introduced in September. Springfrog's Main Draw winner was E.F. from Rome in Italy. E.F. originally signed up to Springfrog through a link from B.K. from Bridgeville in California, USA, which makes B.K. our lucky Direct Referrer's Bonus winner of 6.

First-time winner, L.S. from Montreal in Quebec, Canada wins Springfrog's Second Draw amount of 12 for October.

Congratulations to all our lucky October winners!

Prize Draw Results for 1st September 2004
This month, Springfrog introduces a slight change to the prize draw structure. As usual, there is a Main Draw winner and a Direct Referrrer's Bonus Prize which is open to everyone, but to ensure all members get a good chance of winning something, there is a Second Draw which is only open to members who have not won anything at all in the past 6 months.

The Main Draw prize for September is 30 and was won by G.N. from Rome, Italy, who was picked at random by the draw. G.N.'s referrer, E.F. from Rome in Italy wins the 6 Direct Referrer's Bonus.

And Springfrog's first ever Second Draw for 12 was won by A.F. from Manitouwadge in Canada. Well-done to all three September winners!

Lucky Draw Winners for 1st August 2004
It's another successful month for Italy this month, with G.N. from Rome winning the 50 draw. The person who originally signed up the draw winner to Springfrog wins the 20% Direct Referrer's bonus, which means that E.F. from Rome in Italy wins the 10 bonus prize.
Prize Winners for 1st July 2004
Virtual lightning strikes again in Italy this month as G.N. from Rome in Italy wins the main 50 prize. Last month's Direct Referrer's Bonus was unwon, so G.N.'s Referrer, E.F., also from Rome, not only wins this month's 20% bonus of 10 but also the unwon 10 from June. Well done, G.N. and E.F.
Prize Draw News for 1st June 2004
The lucky winner of the 1st June 2004 draw was R.B. from Plymouth in Devon, England. Home of England's National Marine Aquarium, Plymouth is a city with much maritime history. Congratulations on your 50 win, R.B.!

R.B. does not have a referrer, so the Direct Referrer's bonus prize is unwon this month and will be carried forward to July's draw.

Cash Prize Draw Results for 1st May 2004
In February I mentioned that lightning had struck twice in a row for G.N. from Italy. Well, it's fortunate that Springfrog's prizes aren't really lightning, otherwise G.N. would be electrified to a frazzle by now! For an impressive fourth draw in a row, super Springfrog supporter, G.N. from Rome in Italy is the winner of Springfrog's main prize of 50.

And as always, the success of our main winner also brings a bonus prize to the person who originally signed up our winner. Which means that E.F. from Rome in Italy is Springfrog's lucky bonus prize winner of 10.

Monumental quadruple congratulations to both G.N. and E.F. on their wins!

1st April 2004 Cash Draw Results
1st April 2004 saw an impressive first-time ever record made by lucky Springfrog winner, G.N. from Rome in Italy.  This is the first time that anyone has won three times in a row at Springfrog, so it's massive triple congratulations, G.N.

And that also means super triple congratulations also go to E.F. from Rome in Italy, who originally referred G.N. to Springfrog, and who wins 1st April's 10 Direct referrer's bonus prize. Well done to both G.N. and E.F.!

1st March 2004 Cash Prize Draw Winners
Lightning has struck twice in a row this month, with our 1st March 2004 main prize of 50 being won by G.N. from Rome in Italy, who was also Springfrog's lucky winner from 1st March too.  This means that E.F., who originally referred G.N. to Springfrog will be also be celebrating, as G.N. wins the 10 Direct Referrer's Bonus prize.

Although Rome has existed and thrived for thousands of years, interestingly, Italy as a Nation-State has only existed since the late 19th Century. Until then the country was divided politically into a large number of independant cities, provinces and islands. A united Italy was finally established in 1861 with Victor Emmanuel as it's king, but at that time Rome, was still a papal possession, and Venice was controlled Austria. Venice was added to Italy in 1866 after Prussia defeated Austria in the Seven Weeks' War, in which Italy sided with Prussia. Venice was Italy's reward. Then, in 1870 during the Franco-Prussian War, Napoleon III withdrew his troops from Rome, and Italian troops entered Rome without opposition. Rome voted for union with Italy in October 1870. In July 1871, Rome became the capital of the united Italy.

1st February 2004 Cash Draw
Congratulations go to G.N. from Rome in Italy for winning the main prize of 50 in Springfrog's 1st February 2004 Cash Draw. The 10 Direct Referrer's Bonus winner this month was E.F., also from Rome in Italy. Other famous people of Rome include Emperor Augustus (also known as Octavian), who was the first Emperor of Rome, who used his rule wisely to build roads, aqueducts and similar buildings. Emperor Augustus may not have won Springfrog's Draw, but he was still reasonably successful in his life nonetheless.
New Year's Cash Prize Draw Winner for January 2004
Springfrog's New Year's cash prize draw winner for January 2004 was R.B. from Plymouth in Devon, England. Plymouth is where The Pilgrim Fathers finally set off on their historic journey across the Atlantic in the Mayflower to the New World of America on 16 September 1620.

Many congratulations on your win, R.B.

The Direct Deferrer's bonus prize for January was 10, plus the unwon 10 from December.  This would normally go to the person who referred R.B. to Springfrog. However, R.B. has no Direct Referrer, therefore the unwon Direct Referrer's Bonus prize will be carried forward and added to next month's Direct Referrer's Bonus.


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