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Springfrog's Cash Prize Draw Results

2003 Winners


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December 2003 Cash Prize Draw Winner
December 2003's cash prize draw winner was T.K. from Weston-Super-Mare in North Somerset, England. T.K. was actually also Springfrog's first ever winner in our first draw back in the old days of December 2000. On hearing of her latest win, T.K wrote: "It's great to be a winner on Springfrog again. The money will come in very useful for my upcoming Christmas trip to America to see my family. Thanks, Springfrog!"

Many congratulations T.K. and best wishes for a truly enjoyable Christmas with your family!

The Direct Referrer's Bonus prize was not won this month, as T.K. was referred to Springfrog by, Springfrog's sister site which is also owned by Springfrog, therefore the unwon 10 will be carried forward and added to the January 2004 Direct Referrer's Bonus.

November 2003 Draw Results
Springfrog's lucky winner in our November 2000 draw was B.K. from Bratislava in Slovakia. This being B.K's first win so far at Springfrog, it came as a pleasant surprise to him. Although the history of Slovakia as a nation state is, at the time of this draw, only a decade old, the fascinating history and culture of the slovak people goes back in time far longer. You can find out more about Slovakia's past and present, including a very interesting FAQ at's guide to the Slovak Republic. Plus, you can read about Slovakia's beautiful caves, dams, national parks, folklore and more at SKOnline's Slovakia travel guide.

Our bonus winner was Manu from Rome in Italy. An enthusiastic Springfrog supporter, Manu has hit lucky again this month with the 10 Direct Referrer's bonus prize.

Many congratulations to both B.K. and Manu!

Cash Prize Draw Results of October 2003
Both of our lucky October winners are from Rome, City of ancient Empire, modern fashion, art and culture.  According to legend, Rome is said to have been founded in 753 BC by Romulus and Remus.  Twin sons of the war god, Mars, Romulus and Remus were rescued from Rome's River Tiber by a wolf, who took care of and raised the twin brothers.  Later, Romulus killed Remus and became the first ruler of Rome.

No such extremes of action were needed by our lucky winners though.  Springfrog's 50 winner in October was G.N. from Rome in Italy.  Many congratulations, G.N!

And our 10 winner was E.F, also from the proud, historic and ancient city of Rome.  Well done E.F!

September 2003 Cash Draw Results
Many congratulations to Springfrog's September 2003 prizewinner, Haris, from Los Angeles, California in the USA. Haris has won the 50 prize in the cash draw, and has a fabulous website, Take a visit there and you'll see a certain search site featured prominently on the side panel!

Thanks for featuring Springfrog on, Haris. All the very best wishes for your site, and good luck in future draws too.

One of Springfrog's most keen and loyal supporters, Kenn from Nibe in Denmark, originally referred Haris to Springfrog, and therefore wins this month's 10 Direct Referrer's Bonus Prize. Check out his brilliant site, AK Designs where you can get great design work for your own website, including banners, flash design and whole site design - all high quality work at prices which you'll find extremely competitive.

Kenn says "Thank you for the win again this month, its a pleasure to see the monthly updates coming in my mailbox always. Looking forward to see what new features the future will bring to SpringFrog".

Sincere thanks and Congratulations Kenn. I hope you'll enjoy the changes soon to come.

August 2003 Cash Prize Draw Results
Double congratulation to Manu from Rome in Italy. Firstly, well-done on winning the August 2003 cash prize of 50.00. Plus, there have been more reasons for celebrations for Manu recently too. The last time Manu won, back in March, she was expecting a baby. Since then, Springfrog is happy to announce that a beautiful baby daughter has arrived! Springfrog wishes Manu and all her family the very best wishes, the best of health, and a lifetime of happiness.

The 10.00 Direct Referrer's Bonus prize this month was won by B.K. of Bridgeville, California in the USA.  Congratulations on your win, B.K.!

Cash Prize Draw Results of 1st July 2003
With a fabulous record of actively promoting Springfrog on their sites and searching with Springfrog, we're pleased to announce a couple of keen Springfrog searchers as repeat winners again this month.

Amanda from Sevenoaks in Kent, England is our lucky 1st July 50 winner, chosen at random from all draw entries in June 2003.  Amanda's well-designed and organised site, AK-Mail enables you to earn money whilst reading emails that are sent to you - sounds like a nice idea!.  Having been sent the news about her win, Amanda, writes: "Springfrog is still the only search engine I use, excellent accurate results for what i want everytime :D ".  Sincere thanks for being a dedicate Springfrog searcher, Amanda and congratulations on your win!

Our 10 direct referrer's bonus goes to Kenn from Nibe in Denmark.  Kenn runs AK Design, where you can buy custom-made banners, web design and flash design for your site, all at amazingly good prices.  Kenn's site features testimonials from just a few of the many happy customers who have been pleased at AK design's creations.  Kenn says "It's a privilige to be paid money to use the best searchengine around".  Cordial thanks and best wishes on your successful win, Kenn!

1st June 2003 Draw Results
Our 1st June 2003 winners are both enthusiatic Springfrog supporters and have been very effective in their promotion efforts, resulting in multiple wins so far.

Our main 50 winner is Amanda from Sevenoaks, Kent in the UK. Amanda runs AK-Mail, where you can receve email about the best products and actually earn money for reading the emails.  Her reaction when being told of another win here at Springfrog was a succession of happily shocked WOWs :-) . She says "I Love springfrog so much, great results". Many thanks and well-done on your win, Amanda.

Kenn from Nibe in Denmark originally introduced Amanda to Springfrog, and therefore wins our 10 Direct Referrer's Bonus prize. Kenn runs AK Design which offers attractive banners, flash design and web design at a very competitive price. Kenn says "SpringFrog is still my favorite search place". Sincere thanks and congratulations, Kenn!

Cash Draw Winners of 1st May 2003
Many congratulations to our 1st May 2003 winner, H.A. from Los Angeles in California, USA.  H.A. who runs wins our cash prize of 50.00.

The direct referrer's bonus prize goes to enthusiastic Springfrog member, Kenn G. from Nibe in Denmark.  Kenn, through whom H.A. signed up, wins the 10 bonus. Kenn, of AK Design writes:

"Thank you for still being my favorite search engine and for the win yet another time."

Many thanks from Springfrog, Kenn.

Free Cash Prize Draw Winners of 1st April 2003
Both of the winners in our free cash prize draw of 1st April 2003 are very active in promoting Springfrog and have won multiple times now - living proof that it's worth spreading the word about Springfrog.

Our main 50 winner is Amanda from Sevenoaks in Kent, UK. Amanda has a nice site featuring a wide range of programs which enable you earn money, plus also runs a useful newsletter which will alert you to new money making programs as soon as they hit the internet.  And if that's not enough to keep her busy, she also jointly runs AK-Mail where you can earn money for reading your email.

Amanda writes "Springfrog is still the best search engine i have found...excellent results every time...thank you."

Our Direct Referrer's Bonus Prize of 10 is won by the Kenn G, who originally referred Amanda to Springfrog. Kenn, from Nibe in Denmark, runs AK Design where you can order a well-designed banner, flash design or website design at a very good value price.

Kenn writes "Thanks again for being my favorite searchengine."

Thanks to both Amanda and Kenn, and many congratulations to both of you on your wins.

Springfrog Prize Win Results of 1st March 2003
Our main prize winner for in the 1st March 2003 draw is Kenn G. from Nibe in Denmark. Kenn, who offers a range of impressive Banner, Web and Flash Design at at very competitive prices, is a regular Springfrog searcher and says: "Happy to say SpringFrog is still my main favorite searchengine. I think SpringFrog is the one searchengine giving the best results in any search no matter what language you use to search in." Many thanks Kenn and best wishes for successful searching!

Our direct referrer's bonus prize of 10.00 goes to Manu from Rome in Italy.  Many congratulations Manu and sincere thanks for searching with Springfrog.

1st February 2003 Cash Draw Results
Congratulations to our 1st February cash draw winner, April from Cranbrook BC Canada.  April, who wins our main prize of 50.00 is expecting a new baby in April this year, so Springfrog wishes April, her family and the new baby all the very best.

In fact, winning Springfrog members' families seem to be growing across the world!  Our 10 Direct referrer winner, Manu from Italy is also expecting the patter of tiny feet soon.  Congratulations Manu on your win, and very best wishes for the new baby and your family too.

New Year's Draw 1st January 2003 Winners
Our main cash prize for 1st January 2003 was 50, with a 10 direct referrer's bonus prize going to the person through whom the main winner originally signed up.

Springfrog's 1st January 2003 New Year main prize winner is Amanda from Sevenoaks, England. This is actually Amanda's third win at Springfrog. She says "I am so happy to have won again, I just love springfrog, and still use it for everything, and reccomend it to all my family and friends.

Thanks, Amanda, it's great to hear that news of Springfrog is spreading!

Our direct referrer's bonus prize winner is K.G. from Nibe in Denmark.  Many congratulations to both our lucky winners!

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