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Springfrog's Cash Prize Draw Results

2002 Winners


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Cash Prize Draw Winners for 1st December 2002
Seasonal celebrations have arrived a little early this year in England and Denmark, the home countries of our 1st December Cash Prize Draw Winners.  Our main Prize for 1st December was 50, and the Direct Referrer's Bonus Prize was 10.

Springfrog's main prize winner for 1st December 2002 is Amanda from Nr Sevenoaks in Kent, England.  Amanda, who also won last month's draw, and has a great new site at says "I am still geting all my friends to you use springfrog, it is the best".

Sincere thanks for spreading the word Amanda and well-done on another successful win this month.

Our 10 Direct Referrer's Bonus prize winner is K.G. from Nibe in Denmark.  K.G. says about Springfrog: "I have even started using it at work convincing my boss this is the one to go for, And i must say you never had let me down yet."

Great to know Springfrog is finding what you need Kenn.  Many thanks and congratulations on your win!

Springfrog Search Engine Cash Prize Win Results of 1st November 2002
Our main cash prize for 1st November 2002 was 50, with a 10 direct referrer's bonus prize.

Springfrog's 1st November 2002 winner is Amanda from Nr Sevenoaks in Kent, England. A busy mother of 3, Amanda runs a newsletter at as well as keeping her other site running at

Amanda writes "I think springfrog is the best search engine i have used, it is in my bookmarks & my signature ... I shall keep using springfrog because they are the best."

Many thanks, Amanda, and congratulations on a sucessful month!

Our bonus direct referrer's prize winner for 1st November is Kenn G from Nibe in Denmark.  Kenn writes: "Thank you for this prize, i have SpringFrog set as my homepage and do all my searches from here. Gives all the results i ever want. Best regards kenng."

Very best wishes Kenn and well-done on your win!

Springfrog's Cash Prize Draw Winners of 1st October 2002
Congratulations to April From Cranbrook, British Colombia in Canada for winning Springfrog's 1st October main cash prize of 50. April says she is shocked by her success and tells everyone she runs into about Springfrog, which she has saved in her favorites!

Our 10 direct referrer's bonus prize goes to Manu from Rome in Italy.  Congratulations on a winning month, Manu!

Springfrog's Free Cash Prize Win Results of 1st September 2002
Our lucky 1st September 2002 main winner is April from Cranbrook, British Columbia in Canada.  An active Mother of 5 children, whilst also busy running GetRichByEmail and RegalBratGifts, April wins the main prize of 50. Congratulations on your win, April!

Springfrog's 20% direct referrer's bonus prize of 10 goes to the member who signed up April.  Manu from Rome in Italy is our lucky 10 winner.  Best wishes on a successful month, Manu!

Cash Prize Draw Results for 1st August 2002
Our 50 cash draw winner for 1st August 2002 is J.C. from Feijo in Portugal.  J.C. is our first Portuguese winner, so it's a big congratulations to J.C on your win!

The 20% direct referrer's bonus prize of 10 is won this month by Manu from Rome in Italy.  Many congratulations on your success, Manu!

1st July 2002 Prize Draw Winners
Our 50 main winner of the 1st July 2002 cash prize draw is April From Cranbrook BC Canada.  April is a very active mom of 5 (4 boys and 1girl), and owns 2 websites, GetRichByEmail and RegalBratGifts.  She spends most of her time online, sending out customer orders or running the kids from activity to activity.  Congratulations on your win, April.

Our 20 direct referrer's bonus prize goes to Manu from Rome in Italy.  Manu writes:

"Thank you very much SpringFrog!  I love your site!  I have set it as my homepage and it always helps me with my searches and conversions!"

Sincere thanks, Manu, and well-done on your win.

Cash Draw Winner for 1st June 2002

Congratulations this month go to T.K. from Weston Super Mare in North Somerset, England.  T.K. wins our cash prize of 50.

The 10 direct referrer's bonus was not won this month as T.K. was referred to by Springfrog by which is a Sister site of Springfrog and under the same ownership.  Therefore the 10 direct referrer's bonus prize will be rolled over and carried forward to be added to next month's direct referrer's bonus prize.

1st May 2002 Prize Draw Winners

Our prize winners for 1st May 2001 are husband and wife team, E.F. and G.N. from Rome in Italy. G.N. was picked at random to be our main 50 winner, this being his first win at Springfrog. Well done G,N.

E.F. wins the 30 direct referrer's bonus for introducing our main winner, husband G.N., to Springfrog, and is wondering whether she should start playing bingo after her good luck here!

Double congratulations to E.F. and G.N!

Winner of Springfrog's 1 April 2002 Cash Prize Draw

Congratulations to our 50 cash prize draw winner for 1 April 2002, Sharon Clarke from Cambridge in England. Sharon, is an active housewife and mother of 3, who is involved in charitable work for the National Autistic Society. She spends a lot of her spare time surfing the web, making new friends and doing the odd bit of online shopping!

April's direct referrer's bonus prize was not won, therefore the unwon 20 (consisting of this month's bonus of 10, plus 10 carried forward from last month) will be rolled over to be added to May's direct referrer's bonus cash prize.

Cash Prize Draw Winners for 1 March 2002

Springfrog is pleased to announce our winner of our first draw for 50 on 1st March was Pramod Tondwalkar from Mumbai in India. Pramod says He really appreciates the extra money for Promoting His Website

Congratulations P.T.

In addition to the main prize of 50, there is 10 which goes to Pramod's referrer as a direct referrer's bonus prize. However, Pramod did not have a direct referrer, therefore the unwon 10 will be carried forward and added to next month's direct referrer's bonus prize.

Our second draw for 50 was won by E.F from Rome in Italy. This is E.F's third successful month so a big well-done to E.F.

E.F. was referred to Springfrog by B.K. from Bridgeville, CA in the USA, who wins a 10 direct referrer's bonus prize. Congratulations B.K.

1st February 2002 Cash Draw Winner

The main winner of our 1 February 2002 cash prize draw for 50 was K.G. from Nibe in Denmark. K.G, can design a great looking banner or logo for you from his site, Kenng's designs & creations where you can see some nice examples of his work. In the future he also intends to offer full website creation services from the site.

K.G.'s referrer, and therefore our 10 direct referrer's bonus winner is E.F. from Rome, Italy.  E.F. who runs EarningClick, was actually our main prize winner from last month, so it's two successful months in a row for E.F. !

Congratulations to our lucky winners!

1st January 2002 Winner

Springfrog's New Year's 50 cash prize winner of 1st January 2002 is E.F. from Rome, Italy.  E.F has a very nice looking site called EarningClick where you can get paid for your time online, and has written to say:

"I love SpringFrog, winning has never been so easy!
Thank you very much SpringFrog Team! What a wonderful surprise!"

Our New Year winner of the 10 direct referrer's bonus prize is B.K. from Bridgeville in California, USA.

Well done to our successful members!

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