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Personalize the look and feel of your search results at Springfrog. Now, when you get your search results, as well as our traditional froggy green highlighting of all the words of your search terms on the reslts pages, you can choose from a variety of even more great attractive colors to help in highlighting those results which contain the words you are looking for.  And you can even choose a random setting so that your search terms are highlighted in a different color every time you search - nice to have a little variation in life!

You can change your choice of color any time you like just by visiting this page.  Just click on one of the the radio buttons to select your color, and then finalize your choices by clicking on the "Set My Personalized Search Results Highlight Color" button at the bottom of the page. !

Choose Your Search Results Highlight Color

Bold Brown

Froggy Green

Gorgeous Gold

Intriguing Indigo

Magical Magenta

Omniscient Orange (dark)

Perfect Pink

Princely Purple

Ravishing Red

Stately Slate Grey

Resplendent Random