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'Ummmm - what do I do with this???' - Oska deskmate Oska is your cute desktop buddy whose aim in life is to thrill you with his playful screen activities and to make your computer desktop a fun and friendly place to be.  His delightful antics will brighten up your day and your computer will be brought to life with Oska's charming personality.

He is far more than just a cartoon animation.  Oska is a truly interactive desktop creature  - touch him by clicking your mouse and he'll react in a number of different ways.  You can even carry him around the screen.  He's a friendly little critter so most of the time he won't mind if you want to move him.

If you leave Oska alone to his own devices, he will amuse himself and entertain you in the process.  He takes up very little computer processing power, and his totally free download will only take around 10 minutes.  If you wish you can greatly extend the number of animated activities which Oska gets up to by purchasing an unlock key for a small fee.. 

Oska is the next generation of screen mate, screensaver and PC desktop animation.  To become an adopted parent of Oska, and to have a charming koala bear screenmate who is always a pleasure to have as a companion for your computer, just click here or on the pictures of Oska to visit his site for his free download - he'll be playing on your desktop in just a few moments.  All of Oska's adopted parents have grown to love him - you will too!

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