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Toy Trunk Railroad by Erik Sansom
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A new Toy Trunk Railroad comic strip is added every few days.  Bookmark Springfrog and visit regularly for the latest in our fun saga.

Toy Trunk Railroad is a cute and funny comic strip created by cartoon genuis Erik Sansom.  Set in two separate worlds which interlock (unknown to their respective inhabitants), you'll get to know and love the characters as time goes by.

In one world, Walter has an absolutely awful, soul-crushing job and has had to turn to the model trains of his youth in a desperate attempt in finding some relief in his life.  He has created his model railroad in his basement, where he enjoys the feelings of freedom it brings, an escape route into a gentler and kinder past.

Walter's, wife Mona is a self-confessed "Toy Train Widow.", and Walter's son, Trevor, prefers computer games to his dad's model railway.   If only they knew - inside the model creation that their father has made, there really is a completely miniature world.  Even Walter is not aware of this, but Casey the railroad driver and Jeb his unfortunate sidekick live their lives on the railroad Walter has created!

You'll meet all the other characters in this brilliantly funny comic strip too.  Like Caddington Frink, the friendless founder of the TTR, who has been reincarnated as a statue.  He can now only stand by helplessly whilst Casey and Jeb try their best but end up having their incompetent way with his magnificent railroad creation.  Then there's Mrs Withers, the ever-so-slightly crazy station mistress who is the thorn in Casey's side, and Buzz the new depot manager.  Strangely enough, no-one has realised that Buzz is actually a bee!

To Jeb, there's one person who makes life on the railroad bearable, and that's his lady love, Trixie Sue.  She might not be a supermodel to most, but to Jeb she's the most wonderful girl in the world.  And things wouldn't be complete without the railroad hobo, the king of ambiance, Boxcar Billy.

Remember to bookmark this great funny comic strip to keep up with the latest stories.